26 Сентября 2015

Квест «Английский с «Бизнес Классом» – удобно, комфортно, выгодно»

The team leader gave envelopes to us, for each team. Inside we found a letter with the task to do. We had to guess a riddle: place where we needed to go. After that every team ran to their car and the competition began!

When we arrived to the first place, there was one of our English teachers. She greeted us with joy! But gave us a lot of tasks and questions)))) If team answered right, it received stickers. The team with the most number of stickers win. At each location there was an English teacher with a new envelope and a task for us next to visit.

Every team visited 5 places at difference times: the main library, Opera and Ballet Theatre, Zoo, Narimskiy park, and in the fifth place we had to take a photo next to water. My team chose a fountain close to the theatre «Globe». Three crazy girls tried to drink water from fountain in the cold weather))))

We spent 3 hours playing in quest! We were driving around the city. It was so joyful!!! When we completed all the tasks we returned to language school «Business Class». Our team (red team) was on the second place. On the first place was the blue team. We congratulated each other, got the prizes and…….drank champagne…..just a little))))

Such events help us to improve English, meet new people (students from other groups). That is why I love the best English school: «Business Class»!!! And the best teachers in this school!!! Thank you to all.

Motilyova Antonida

26 Сентября 2015